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I am a knitwear designer based in Nova Scotia, although my roots extend from Latvia to Newfoundland. My work is characterized by classic silhouettes, unique construction, and playful use of stitch patterns.

Currently I am collaborating with another knitting designer Jane Thornley on a unique project called the Phoebe and Foxy Files, inspired by the main characters in her best-selling crime novels in her Crime by Design series.

Jane will be impersonating the protaganist, Phoebe, will I will assume the personality of Sir Rupert Foxy--and knit designs according to his sensibilities!

There will be three episodes that will not only include patterns from both knitters in each episode, but will follow a narrative as these two knitters approach their art from their very different perspectives.

For more details and to sign up: Phoebe and Foxy Files

Having recently returned from a trip to the desert in Death Valley, CA, I am now offering a series of four patterns in the Desert Series. Three lace shawls and a sleeveless top, each is inspired by the colours and light and unique beauty of the desert.

For a complete overview of my knitting design work, view all my Design Collections and e-books.

Best-Selling Patterns Last Month:

Bermuda Scarf

Summer in the City

Open Waters

Waves of Lace


Current offerings of yarn and kits are available here.

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Recent Blog Entry:

Best-Selling Patterns in April

Bermuda continues to be my best-selling pattern in April. Everybody's version of this pattern turns out differently as the colours play across the piece.

Posted by Ilga Leja on 05/02 at 01:51 PM